Electronic Archive
The solution is based on WSS Docs
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WSS Docs allows users to implement electronic archives of any level:

  • Archives of primary accounting documents;
  • Archive of designing estimates;
  • Electronic archive of contracts, administrative documentation, and any other documents;
  • Automated archive operations.

WSS Docs System allows you to store and process:

  • Up to 10 million new documents annually
  • Up to 10Tb files annually
  • Up to 100 thousand users
  • Up to 10 million database queries daily

WSS Docs provides all the necessary services for an electronic archive:

  • Automation of document management;
  • Text and standard forms recognition;
  • Stream input and barcoding;
  • Electronic signatures and encryption;
  • Integration with ERP systems;
  • Integration with systems for the exchange of legally significant documents with counterparties.