About the Company

WSS‑Solutions carries out projects of SharePoint implementation since 2006. WSS‑Solutions Company employs professionals in the field of IT project management, implementation of Microsoft corporate systems and Microsoft.Net programming, certified in SharePoint, SQL Server, and Microsoft.Net.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Large team of professional programmers, analysts and engineers;
  • A wide choice of ready-made solutions and products;
  • Competitive cost of products and services;
  • High level of expertise in the spheres of document management and corporate portal development;
  • A well-established methodology that guarantees the high quality of products and services;
  • Strong expertise in the SharePoint platform.



WSS‑Solutions Company was established in mid-2006 by two experts in the field of developing of corporate information systems. The basis of the company was a web-studio, which was founded 2003.

The key lines of the company were:

  • Specialization on the Microsoft SharePoint platform;
  • Orientation on the creation of high-quality industrial solutions in the field of corporate portals and content management automation.

Since the first months of operation, WSS‑Solutions has proven itself as an expert company, which provides professional services of SharePoint implementation. The recommendations of our customers served as a catalyst for the company's development and its staff and performance began to grow by at least 100% annually.


By mid-2013, more than 50 specialists in SharePoint, SQL Server and Microsoft.Net were working in WSS‑Solutions. By that time, we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects based on SharePoint platform for medium and major contractors.


By the end of 2016, our specialists have successfully implemented more than 300 projects, and hundreds of thousands of users were already working in WSS Docs and WSS Portal systems!


At the end of the year, the number of implemented projects exceeded 400, and the company's staff consisted of more than 120 highly qualified specialists. The company was able to grow by 40% in terms of financial indicators.


In 2020, the pandemic changed the economic environment around the world, but despite the difficulties, we were able to quickly adapt to a remote work format. Over the year, we increased our staff to 150 employees, and the total number of completed projects exceeded 500.


2023 is the year that we have outgrown the domestic market and are expanding into overseas markets.

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