Summarize 2022

Message from WSS‑Solutions CEO, Gennady Popov

Dear partners and colleagues!

I want to share with you the results of 2022. Our company has confidently passed this difficult year and is preparing to develop in a new environment.

During this year, we continued to implement many interesting projects, most of which were carried out in the field of ECM, personnel documents, electronic archives and corporate portals. We have overcome all difficulties!

I want to thank everyone for their support and understanding, for their professionalism and responsible attitude to business. Dear partners and colleagues, working with you has given invaluable experience and success in our joint projects. I wish you great victories and promising ideas in 2023!

Our company will launch on the market the entire line of its own products on Open Source platforms at the beginning of the new year. Our products will also work on Linux platforms, both client and server. Due to the use of Open Source DBMS - PostgreSQL, it will be possible to refuse to purchase third-party software. This will absolutely protect the product from the impact of sanctions, and continue to offer our solutions in Russia.

Already, dozens of customers are waiting for the opportunity to upgrade to new versions of our products, and we will also have the opportunity to replace a huge number of installations of Western software in Russia, such as Opentext, IBM, EMC Documentum, etc. The market for replacing Western products in the coming years will give a big boost to our company.

We also bring our products to international markets. This is one of the key tasks for 2023.

Despite all the difficulties of the present, we look to the future with optimism. Our products are in demand, we have a lot of opportunities for growth, development and expansion in Russia and in the world. And, of course, we use all these opportunities!

For us, as always, the main priority is the quality of our services and products. Therefore, the development of systems for our customers, attention to the quality and speed of work are a priority for us, along with the development of the professionalism of our team.

Dear customers, colleagues and partners. Happy New Year! I wish you success, well-being and prosperity in the New Year!

WSS‑Solutions CEO Gennady Popov

Regards, Gennady Popov

CEO WSS‑Solutions

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