Eurasian Resources Group

Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) is an international group of companies and one of the world's leading companies in the field of mining and processing of mineral resources, with integrated mining, processing, energy, and logistics facilities.

The Group includes 66 companies.

Situation Before

Prior to the implementation of WSS Docs, several different versions of ECM (Electronic Content Management) systems, based on Lotus Notes, were used in some companies within the ERG Group, while in other companies, document workflow was organized through emails. Previous systems weren’t flexible enough and did not allow the customer to make changes to their business processes on their own. This led to fragmented business processes and problematic communication within individual companies and between enterprises in the Group. There were also other factors that contributed to the implementation of a unified system:

  • The lack of centralized system support and administration.
  • Lotus Notes-based systems were unable to handle large amounts of data.
  • Previous ECM systems did not cover the automation of document workflow in corporate offices in Europe and Kazakhstan.

Goals and Objectives of the Project

Main goal of the project was to automate document workflow across 66 holdings of the Group, located both in Kazakhstan and abroad. To achieve this goal, following objectives were set:

  • Replace 6 loosely integrated and outdated ECM systems, based on Lotus Notes, with a unified, multilingual, scalable, and integrable solution.
  • Increase the level of manageability and transparency in document processing and approval workflows.
  • Provide users with collaborative document management tools.
  • Implement a unified, consistent analytical reporting module for document workflow within the Eurasian Group.
  • Provide tools for the Document Control Center, the Contract Legal Expertise Center, and the Accounting Service Center.
  • Automate the work of the Collegial Management Board.
  • Implement a paperless document workflow system.
  • Develop mobile application for WSS Docs and a separate application for conducting meetings of the Collegial Management Board.

Choosing Software Solution

To implement the project, at one point our client considered the option of replicating one of the systems they used previously across all the enterprises of the Group. However, most of the tasks could not have been implemented due to the platform's lack of necessary functionality.

As a result of studying competing systems from eight different vendors, the customer chose WSS Docs Platform as the perfect solution.

ERG - Project Scale.png

Project Progress

Project started with the automation of contracts, powers of attorney, and additional agreements processes across several enterprises of the Group. Barcode scanning was also implemented for quick retrieval of the documents, along with event logging in WSS Docs and subsequent upload of those logs to the SIEM system. Several enhancements were also made to ensure information security in accordance with company standards.

The project implementation proceeded through nine stages, including the “pilot” phase, technical support, and system development.

ERG - Roadmap.png

As part of the “Document Control Center Replication” stage, the processes related to working with contractual documents were tailored to the customer's needs and unified according to a consistent logic.

ERG - Schema_01
ERG - Schema_02
ERG - Schema_03

Implemented Features

Electronic Signatures

System supports the signing of documents using a qualified electronic signature. This is achieved through the integration of WSS Docs with the cryptographic protection software “TUMAR-CSP,” which is certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Procurement Management

ERG employees prepare and approve a significant number of documents related to the procurement of various goods and services on a daily basis. For the Group, this process has been fully automated, starting with the creation of technical specifications and justification of the need, and ending with the approval of contracts with the suppliers.

ERG - Procurement Management

Correspondence Module

For the exchange of the documents between the enterprises of the Group, the integration of incoming and outgoing correspondence was implemented for the WSS Docs Platform. With this module, during the registration of an outgoing letter, the registrator can select the companies and employees to whom the letter should be sent. As a result, incoming documents are created on the receiving side, and the registrator receives a notification.

ERG - Correspondence Module

Multilingual Support

Since ERG has its offices and enterprises worldwide, implementing multilingual support was one of the customer's top priorities. The Multilingual Module translates all elements of the user interface and the content of reference fields. Each user can switch the language from the system interface.

File Storage Repository

To ensure the ability to work with large volumes of documents, an additional module called “WSS Docs Storage” was implemented. It allows to store over 5000TB of documents.

Meeting Management

WSS Docs Collegial Management Board is a separate module of the system designed to optimize the meeting process. It was important for ERG enterprise leaders to automate this process to conduct meetings remotely. Within this module, the entire cycle of the process, from preparing meeting agendas to monitoring the execution of tasks, resulting from meetings, was automated. WSS Docs users can track the meeting schedule, view and approve agenda items, vote, attach materials to meetings, generate protocols, assign tasks, monitor their completion, and more. In addition to automating this process, a separate mobile application was developed to conduct remote meetings alongside with the web version of the system.

ERG - Meeting Management

WSS Docs Mobile Application

Frequent business trips of the company executives necessitated the need of tools for the remote work with the system to expedite the document approval process. To fulfill this purpose, WSS Docs Mobile Client was developed, and equipped with essential functionality.

In the mobile app, employees can view documents and file attachments, create and view tasks.

WSS Docs Mobile Application

For application security, an AppCenter Administration Panel was developed, allowing administrators to make decisions regarding employee access to the application. This ensures data protection from unauthorized individuals and from ERG employees, who are restricted from accessing certain client functionalities. Additionally, in the event of an employee losing their mobile device, the administrator can send a service push notification that will delete all application data from the phone, preventing the leakage of corporate information.

It is also worth noting that during the pandemic, the mobile application became one of the key tools to minimize the risks, associated with transitioning to the remote work mode.


As a result of the completed work, all set goals were achieved. According to the customer, since the implementation of WSS Docs, employees from all enterprises of the Group have been trained to work in the system and have easily adapted to the new ECM without difficulties.

Effects from Implementing WSS Docs ECM Platform

  • The speed of setting up new business processes in the system has increased by 5 times.
  • 25 options for configuring approval processes has been provided.
  • Because of the indirect time savings for the employees, the total amount of savings for the Group was estimated to at least $745,000 per year.

Feedback from the Client

“Thanks to WSS Docs ECM Platform, we were able to automate the correspondence between the Group's enterprises, which allowed us to reduce the time for agreeing and reviewing documents by 40%. Introduction of the new system saves us $50,000 a year by reducing the time of requests processing,” commented Shukhrat Latypaev, Business Systems Development Director at ERG.

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