Expressbank (Azerbaydzhan)

Expressbank, the first commercial bank in the country, was founded in 1989 and for a long period of time operated under the name Azerneqliyyatbank. In 2008, the Bank, including its structural organization, underwent changes. On March 4, 2010, the Bank has resumed its activities under the new brand name Expressbank.

The international rating agency Fitch Ratings confirmed the forecast of Expressbank as “stable” at “B” level. This rating is the highest among the banks in the country.

The main objective of Expressbank is to provide a variety of services and meet the needs of customers using modern banking technology. To this end, the Bank is operated by highly professional and motivated team. Guided by the strategic goals in continuing its activities, showing the sustainable development and strong financial performance, Expressbank occupies the leading position in the banking sector of the country.

Providing various services to the clients and having an extensive sales network throughout the country, Expressbank is in the foreground of the banking sector. Expressbank constantly works to improve the quality, speed and convenience in terms of customer service, considering the customer satisfaction as one of its main goals.

Expressbank offers its customers a wide range of banking services: cash and transaction operations, managing deposit accounts, issuing business, consumer credits and mortgage loans, managing bank cards, express money transfers, etc.

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