OMK Group

Implementation of EDMS Software for The OMK Group of Companies

United Metallurgical Company (OMK Group) is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of products for leading energy, transportation, and industrial companies. The company consists of five metallurgical enterprises located in different regions in Russia.

The company has a workforce of 34,000 employees.

Situation Before

Prior to the implementation of WSS Docs, internal document management at OMK was primarily paper-based, resulting in additional effort for document approval and signing. There was no unified document repository, which made it difficult to search for documents and access them.

Project Implementation

WSS Docs has become the corporate electronic document management system of OMK Group of Companies. As of 2020, the software automated 40 business processes, including:

  • Inbound/Outbound documents
  • Contracts
  • Orders and directives
  • Minutes and reports
  • Office Memorandums
  • Regulatory documents
  • Instructions
  • Powers of attorney
  • Meeting agendas
  • Requests (25 types)
  • "Approved" stamp
  • Investment initiatives
  • Tests/Courses
  • Meeting room reservations
  • Reports on OMK Docs processes
  • Classifier of regulatory documents

Additional Functionality

  • Integration with a file storage system - allows to preserve the company's document infrastructure and reduce the load on productive servers of OMK Docs.
  • Remote voting with automatic processing of votes, vote counting, and displaying results. This solution is implemented within the "Tender Committee Protocols" process.
  • Integration with the Treasury Information and Analytical System - reduces the payment execution time, enables company executives to approve documents within a single system.
  • Integration with a unified automated document management system – this reduces the risks of non-compliance with the quality management system during conducted external and internal audits.
  • Testing/courses functionality -  this helps to effectively communicate the requirements of regulatory documents to employees by enabling them to study the provisions of these regulatory documents through tests and courses.

Project Results

  • Total number of active users: 25,500.
  • OMK users register 7,500 new documents daily using WSS Docs.
  • Over 10,000 documents are processed per day.
  • Within a single enterprise, information goes through all stages on average 4 times faster than before the system implementation.
  • Document approval times between company departments have been reduced by up to 7 times in some cases.
  • In 2020, the project for OMK Group of Companies received an award in the category "Best Enterprise Document Management Software in Corporate Management in the Commercial Sector" at the CFO Russia "Best EDMS in Russia and CIS" competition.

Continuous optimization and enhancement of existing processes helps to flexibly respond to business requirements and follow the Electronic Document Management trends.

The implementation of WSS Docs has improved the efficiency of internal collaboration between the companies within the OMK Group:

  • Document approval procedures and routes with timelines have been developed.
  • Standardized forms and document templates had been created and got easily accessible.
  • Prompt access to the OMK documentation database had been enabled.

The automation of the requests module has facilitated a transparent process for preparing various types of documents for employees, such as employment certificates, statements, copies of employment records, and more. The majority of information is stored in a single system, allowing employees to retrieve the required documents at any time, regardless of whether these documents are in the approval process or have already been approved in OMK Docs.

Feedback from the Client

“We have implemented a single electronic document management system within the group of companies, creating a common information space for all employees. We reengineered and optimized existing company document workflow processes, brought them to a unified corporate standard. The time for document transfers and processing between geographically distributed units has significantly decreased. Managers noticed that document approval time has been reduced several times," said Vladimir Zhuravlev, Head of Electronic Document Management Systems Practice at Information Technology Department of OMK.

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