Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters is a leading player in the global helicopter industry, the sole Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer and one of the few companies worldwide with the capability to design, manufacture, service and test modern civilian and military helicopters. Russian Helicopters is part of State Corporation Rostec.

Russian Helicopters’ facilities span the entire country. The Company includes design bureaus, helicopter assembly plants, components production, maintenance and repair enterprises, aircraft repair plants, and helicopter service companies providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad. Russian Helicopters is headquartered in Moscow. It was established in 2007, but its key enterprises date back more than 70 years.

The reason for the implementation of the WSS Docs was the fact that the existing electronic content management system, which was used in the company, did not meet modern requirements.

The first ECM for "Russian Helicopters" was introduced in 2009. However, during the operation period of the system, the employees have noticed a number of significant drawbacks, which have pointed to the impossibility of further use of the ECM. The functionality of the ECM did not fully meet the requirements of users, so their work was not so effective due to its low performance. The lack of role-based interfaces, inadequate control of the performance discipline, limited search capabilities and low speed of the search subsystem caused negative feedback from users and management. At the same time, the high operating cost aggravated the situation.

So it was decided to find a new ECM, which would have all the missing functions.

The purpose of the process of modernization was to improve the efficiency of employees' work with electronic documents by using a fast and convenient tool, which would allow users to:

  • Promptly monitor and receive reports on the execution of orders (manage a set of tasks);

  • Promptly process documents;

  • Maintain the existing functionality and add additional functions;

  • Provide paperless document management with the enterprises of the Holding;

  • Implement role-model and role-based interfaces;

  • Integrate the ECM with CRM, ERP and other information systems;

  • Provide the opportunity to work with SED on various devices and browsers.

To implement this project, the WSS Docs platform was chosen.

During the modernization project, business processes and new functions were successfully implemented; migration of documents from the previous system was carried out.

With the help of WSS Docs, we have implemented additional functions, which were important for the company: 

  • Standard processes for creating orders;

  • Registering and transferring of documents to contractors;

  • Contract approval flow;

  • File register creation;

  • Document management system;

  • Deadlines monitoring function.

Among many functions, which we implemented for this customer, we should mention the following ones: document report system, quick search of documents and associated files, document preview function with the possibility to perform quick actions (decision-making, orders for the document). Delegating authority to work with documents and instructions, issuing resolutions on documents - all these functions are used to solve everyday business tasks.

After the approval of all the necessary improvements, the project was successfully implemented!

One of the main indicators of achieved results is increased efficiency of the company's employees working with WSS Docs, as from the moment of implementation of WSS Docs, the document processing time was reduced 3-5 times.

All users of WSS Docs were satisfied with its functionality and user-friendly interfaces.

Cooperation between WSS‑Solutions and JSC "Russian Helicopters" continues, as the WSS Docs ECM is actively developing in accordance with the requirements of users.

For a better understanding of the scale of development of WSS Docs ECM, we can give an example of a current project, which main objective is to create a single document management system for JSC "Russian Helicopters" and the Holding's enterprises.

This project involves a number of tasks, which will allow automating global business processes of the company, and reduce the cost of implementation of the system for enterprises of the Holding.

Federated architecture of WSS Docs provides all the possibilities for implementation of such ideas. WSS Docs also offers increased level of security of document workflow processes.

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