Soyuzmultfilm, is a Russian animation studio based in Moscow. Over the years it has gained international attention and respect, garnering numerous awards both at home and abroad. Noted for a great variety of style, it is regarded as the most influential animation studio of the former Soviet Union. The studio has produced 1,582 films as of August 2018. It is currently divided into two studios: Creative Union of the Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio and the Soyuzmultfilm Film Fund.

The main task when implementing WSS Docs System at the Soyuzmultfilm studio was the need to ensure high speed of workflow and the approval process, carried out in the form of exchange of paper documents. The decisive criterion when choosing WSS Docs as the future ECM system for Soyuzmultfilm was the fact, that its implementation process is very fast. The main advantage of “WSS Docs” for the “Soyuzmultfilm” film studio was the minimum length of time between the setting of the task by the business customer and the moment of putting the system into operation.

The following processes were transferred to WSS Docs:

  • Treaty process;
  • Automatic generation of model instruments;
  • Registration and execution of orders, memos, incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Employees participating in the approval process in all divisions of the company received access to a unified information system providing the process of setting and controlling the execution of orders, as well as electronic document management.

The technical capabilities of WSS Docs system allows the company to process more than 2 thousand contracts per year. The system helped to improve the quality of the initial preparation of documents, the search for the necessary documents was significantly simplified, the risk of their loss was reduced. Moreover, it was possible to eliminate “live queues” at the offices of managers endorsing documents. With the help of “WSS Docs”, statistics on the terms of agreement approval was obtained, changes were made to the process, which made it possible to optimize the terms of approval.

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