Today Tez Tour is one of the biggest tour operator in CIS and Eastern Europe with offices in 20 countries, working with more than 10.000 agencies and 1000 hotels, employeeing more than 5000 personnel. Tez Tour is active at the following countries with 51 offices. 

Outgoing Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Moldova 

Incoming Countries: Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Cuba, Dominic Republic, Maldives, Greece, Sri Lanka, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Andorra

Tez Tour is the leader of the CIS sales market for years and kept its position in 2007 with a share of 20.46 percent, surpassing its nearest competitor more than 5 percent. Tez Tour is planning to serve 2.400.000 customers worldwide in 2010. 

Besides pax dominance, Tez Tour is also the most prestigious tour operator brand in CIS market . Brand researches conducted by the English firm Superbrand at 2004, 2005 and 2006 confirmed that Tez Tour is a well known and respected brand name like BMW, Adidas and Sony in CIS market.

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