TMK is a leading supplier of steel piping, piping solutions and supporting services for different sectors of the economy. Company supplies products to more than 80 countries around the world and produces ready-cut piping, including special pipes and other products for the energy, chemical, mechanical engineering, construction and other sectors. The company has wide-ranging expertise in the mechanical engineering sector, provides engineering solutions for power generation and metallurgical facilities and is developing a new line of products for the hydrogen energy sector.

Company has 39,000 employees.

Project Implementation

The purpose of WSS Docs ECM Platform implementation was to unite document management workflows between separate plants and the head office to manage documents in a single system.

As the result, WSS Docs System was implemented at 8 TMK plants:

  • Volzhsky Pipe Plant
  • Seversky Tube Works
  • Sinarsky Pipe Plant
  • Taganrog Metallurgical Plant
  • TMK-Kaztrubprom

Head Office Automated Processes

  • Orders/Directives
  • Incoming/outgoing letters
  • Corporate letters
  • Service memos
  • Approval of arbitrary documents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Orders
  • Personnel documents

Company's Plants Automated Processes

  • Orders/Directives
  • Incoming/outgoing letters
  • Corporate letters
  • Service memos
  • Approval of arbitrary documents
  • Correction requests
  • Assignments
  • Contractual documents

WSS Docs business processes at TMK's Head Office are partially different from the processes automated at the company's plants. The reason for this is the use of different approaches to work. The plants use a reduced number of document lifecycle stages in the system, as well as a reduced number of approvers - these measures were taken to make it easier to work with a large number of documents. Head Office, on the contrary, uses a more complicated scheme of processes.

Implemented Features

Corporate Letters

Corporate Letters Module in WSS Docs was developed specifically for TMK. At the customer's request, the system was configured for internal interaction between the company's enterprises, which does not require from the recipient to register incoming documents. As a result, the time of document processing has been significantly reduced, and outgoing and incoming documents remain unchanged.

Integration with Contour.Focus

WSS Docs allows you to create a counterparty card based on the data received from the Contour.Focus System. If you click on the "Add" button, you can select a counterparty from the Contour.Focus and add it directly to the WSS Docs catalog using filters in the pop-up window. You can also upload the actual data received through Contour.Focus to the WSS Docs system and update it.

The following information is available:

  • Title;
  • Short name;
  • Legal address;
  • Primary state registration number;
  • Tax registration reason code

Matching is performed by comparing Taxpayer Identification Numbers.

PDF Comparison

The process of comparing different versions of PDF files is configured in the system. The file with different versions is located in the "Document" field of the Contract card.


In order to compare several versions of one document, you should click the "Compare" link in the document card and select the necessary lines. The result of the comparison process will be a drop-down viewing window with visualization of differences.

HR Documents

This solution has been applied in WSS Docs for TMK Group and its separate subdivisions, which are located at each plant. HR Module simplifies the work related to the issues of hiring employees, changing positions and other classic issues.

The first stage of the Travel Documents Project was implemented, which allowed the formalization of the business process and the complete elimination of paperwork in the registration of business trips up to the moment of departure.

Number of TMK employees working in WSS Docs: 7500

Number of companies working in WSS Docs: 27

Current database capacity: 4 ТB

Total number of documents in WSS Docs: more than 1 million

Total number of orders in WSS Docs: more than 2.5 million

Further Development Plans

  • Contractual documents with clients and between the company's enterprises:
    • Use of electronic digital signatures (EDS) for contracts and agreements;
    • Integration with Contour.Diadok EDI;
    • Electronic storage of contractual documents.
  • Registration of business trips, second stage: integration with the system of booking air tickets and hotels.
  • Registration of meeting protocols.
  • Automation of requests.

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