Polyus Group
Polyus Group is the largest gold producer in Russia and a top 5 gold producer globally with one of the lowest cost profiles. The company has 27 subsidiary enterprises located in different parts of Russia.

Situation Before

The company “Polyus” had a need to create a unified information and communication platform for convenient interaction among employees of all companies within the Group. Previously, Polyus used an out-of-the-box portal built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Over time, the portal no longer met the needs of employees, and its functional blocks became outdated. The platform became inconvenient to use and inefficient for the company as a whole. It was decided to create a portal based on the WSS Portal.

Project Objectives

  • Unify all employees of the holding company into a single information space.
  • Improve the efficiency of communications with HR, administrative and IT departments.
  • Automate the complete cycle of requests from submission to task resolution.
  • Personalize content for each branch of the company.
  • Enable exchange and storage of corporate documents.
  • Implement user-friendly navigation and fast information search.
  • Adapt the portal for mobile devices and tablets.

Project Implementation

6,500 employees from 19 companies of the Polyus Group use WSS Portal.

The portal fosters a collective vision, defines user behavior and includes tools for mass employee notifications. A significant portion of the portal's content is dedicated to company information, providing detailed descriptions of each gold deposit, the company's strategic vision, executive leadership, and an interactive map.

The corporate occupational health and industrial safety management model aims to prevent accidents and other hazardous situations, so the company analyzes all extraordinary incidents. To simplify this process, two coefficients, LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) and AARK (Accident and Road Incident Rate), are displayed for each employee on the portal.

Since the company has a large number of geographically distributed locations, the portal's homepage features clocks displaying the time in five cities: Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, and Magadan. For each user, depending on their branch affiliation, the relevant time zone is highlighted.


  • Company news. Users can comment on news articles and like them
  • A calendar displaying upcoming company events on the main page
  • Birthdays
  • Address book
  • Anonymous questions and answers for work-related queries
  • Announcements for sales, purchases, or exchanges. Users can utilize convenient text search or apply specific filters
  • Media library containing company photos and videos

Home Page

Provides convenient access to internal sections, online services, social features, and more. The employee's affiliation with a specific business unit is taken into account, allowing the portal to provide the user with the most relevant content. The entire portal features a user-friendly search function across all sections.

Polyus Group Portal - Home Page

Employee Profile

In large companies, the user profile on the internal portal should address the main questions—the role of employees, how to contact them, and where they are located. For the company "Polyus," we have developed an extended functionality for the profile:

  • Position and department in which the employee works
  • Functional and immediate subordinates/supervisors
  • Employee's workstation on the floor plan of the office
  • Contact information
  • Date of birth
  • Seamless navigation elements across portal sections

It is possible to express gratitude to employees for their achievements and merits by sending a "Thank you" in the form of points, or to view the statistics of points received.

Polyus Group Portal - Personal Account

Company Structure

Polyus has a distributed company structure. WSS-Solutions has implemented a convenient dropdown menu that categorizes employees by companies, departments, and divisions. By entering a person's name, it is possible to find an employee within the overall hierarchy.

Polyus Group Portal - Company Structure

Document Management

A section in the menu called "Documentation" includes a document library and serves as a company repository.

  • Documents: Folders and files that store templates and other documentation.
  • EDMS Documents: The portal stores approved documents from an external Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Through this integration, employees can view documents and track overall approval statistics for each business unit.
  • IT Knowledge Base: Documents containing instructions for IT services within the company. Documents can be filtered based on various attributes. Additionally, a process is implemented for approving new articles related to IT services, with final approval by the chief moderator.

Polyus Group Portal - Documents

Online Services for Request Submissions

There are online services that simplify the work of HR managers, IT departments, and secretaries. The processes operate based on SharePoint workflows, and can be modified and customized by portal moderators without changing the source code.

List of online services:

  • Business trip arrangements
  • Express mail
  • Pass issuance
  • Car rental
  • Courier service
  • Mail and cargo delivery
  • Security hotline
  • Lost or malfunctioning pass replacement

Polyus Group Portal - Online-Services

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