TATNEFT is one of the largest Russian oil companies, being an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The industrial complex of the Company includes steadily developing enterprises of oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals production, the tire manufacturing complex, network of filling stations and services. TATNEFT has also a stake in the financial (banking and insurance) sector companies.

In order to ensure further economic growth, innovative development and strengthening of the Company’s positions as one of the leaders of the Russian oil industry, TATNEFT:

  • successfully implements programs to stabilize the volumes of commercial oil and gas production from the licensed fields under development;
  • actively develops new oil fields, including high-viscosity and hard-to-recover oil fields in the territory of Tatarstan;
  • expands the resource base outside the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation;
  • increases the volumes of production and sale of finished highly competitive products through development of petrochemicals production and crude oil refining;
  • effectively shapes and implements the innovation-targeted engineering policy.

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