JSC "United Transport and Logistics Company - Eurasian Rail Alliance" is an operator of transit container services between China and Europe, transporting goods through the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Situation Before

The company faced the need to unite employees, uphold corporate values, and establish an effective communication channel. To achieve this, it was necessary to create a unified information space with a knowledge base, communication tools, and collaborative work capabilities.

"Various approaches to organizing the platform were considered: using Microsoft services, social media groups, and others, but in the end, we opted for creating an intranet portal," noted Anton Semenov, Deputy Director of the IT department at UTLC ERA Company. " The WSS solution turned out to be a compromise, and in the end successful according to general opinion."

Reasons for Choosing WSS Portal

  • The out-of-the-box functionality of WSS portal covered a large part of the company's needs.
  • The ability to expand the functionality of the portal through the implementation of additional modules.
  • Relatively low implementation cost in comparison to other products.
  • The ability to make changes to the functionality internally.

Project Goals and Objectives

The key goal of the project was to create an integrated information and communication space with managed access rights to the company's corporate document repository and services. This goal was achieved through:

  • Creating collaborative tools for users.
  • Ensuring centralized management of internal information.
  • Organizing secure and reliable storage of corporate documents.
  • Providing communication and notification tools.

Solution Architecture

Seven semantic blocks were identified at the development stage:

  • Corporate Information Management and Employee Notifications Center—module for publishing news, event calendar, employee birthdays, job vacancies, and company structure.
  • Work-related block. The block includes modules:
    • booking meeting rooms
    • address book
    • office floor plan
    • projects
  • Feedback channel, which allows to:
    • conduct surveys
    • collect ideas from employees
  • Ask Me Anything Module to interact with the CEO.
  • Corporate knowledge base
  • Navigation and search point
  • Access point to company templates and documents
  • Employee engagement point:
    • communities, communication forum
    • buy/sell announcements
    • photo gallery, video gallery

UTLC Portal - Home Page


  • Active Directory (AD) — the integration allows to retrieve employee information (phone, email address, login, office).
  • Accounting software — ether integration enables exporting employee information (position, date of hire, date of birth).
  • Email — integration allows to send birthday notifications.

Implemented Functionality


This section of the UTLC ERA portal is dedicated to working with documents from the main library. This module enables users to quickly find the desired document through the available directory structure filtering tool. Users can view documents, download them to their PC, add them to their "favorites" and upload new documents to the library.

UTLC Portal - Documents (cr)

Question to the CEO Module

Obtaining feedback from employees is an important aspect of the organization's work for the management of UTLC ERA. Therefore, as part of the project, a separate module called "Question to the CEO" was developed. With this module, each user can submit an inquiry to their CEO and receive a response to their question.

UTLC Portal - Question to the CEO

Employee Information

The module serves as the main source of information about employees and displays the following data: phone numbers, photos, positions, teams, departments, a list of acknowledgments from colleagues, and the employee's location on the office floor plan. For each user, the personal profile also provides information about their vacation days, a banner link to their payroll document and a page describing the procedure for obtaining medical services for a specific category.

UTLC Portal - Employee Information


The implementation of the portal allowed UTLC ERA to establish a unified corporate content management system. As a result, the WSS Portal implementation project has fully addressed the issues of untimely employee communication and complex colleague interactions.

By implementing search and information storage tools, the company improved overall efficiency.

From a technical standpoint, the completed project has provided the company with a flexible tool that enables administrators to independently make changes to processes, add or remove sections, adjust the number of requests, and edit content.

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