Contract Approval Flow
Based on WSS Docs
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Automation of the process of contract approval is an urgent task for any medium or major company. The implementation of the contract approval system allows to:

  • Decrease the labor costs for contracts drafting by using special templates;
  • Automate the contract approval flow in accordance with corporate regulations and procedures;
  • Provide a convenient tool for group document operation, version control, version comparison, and parallel editing of contracts;
  • Store all executed contracts with all of the accompanying documents, approval histories, and provide easy archive search;
  • Bind contracts with corresponding documents (procurements, executive memorandums) as well as with all associated documents (official correspondence, instructions, internal documents, addendum agreements, protocols and bills).

All of the listed tasks can be solved by the basic version of WSS Docs System. More than that - WSS Docs also can solve a number of related tasks:

  • Reducing the risk of signing unauthorized (or not correctly prepared) contracts;
  • Decreasing contract approval periods by two to three times;
  • Decreasing the search time by five to ten times;
  • Decreasing the risks of incorrect tracking of the performance of contractual obligations.

The basic version of WSS-Docs includes the contract approval module, which is compliant with 80% corporate requirements. More than that - it can be fully customized in accordance with specific needs of the client.

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