HR Documents Management
Based on WSS Docs
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HR Department Processes Automation

HR Documents Management solution is implemented as a separate module for the WSS Docs ECM Platform, and helps HR staff to automate routine processes, reduce the risks of making mistakes in documents and prevent information loss.

What business tasks can be solved with WSS Docs:

  • Maintaining HR records, including employment records, generation of various orders, agreements, certificates, and statements;
  • Approval of documents in a unified system;
  • Ensuring paperless HR document workflow with the use of qualified electronic signatures;
  • Safe storage of documents.

Recruitment Management

At the initiator's request, system generates the necessary documents for hiring new employees, such as: employment contracts, additional agreements and employment orders. After that, the documents could be approved and signed by the employer and the employee directly from the ECM System, with the help of electronic signatures. Afterward, the documents will be automatically registered and transferred to operational storage.

Dismiss or Transfer an Employee to Another Department

Any employee can independently start the process of dismissal or transfer to another division or department from the system. When all the necessary documents are submitted, all interested parties will be notified to get involved in the review and approval process.

Types of documents that can be initiated by an employee:

  • Request to return the employment history book;
  • Letter of resignation;
  • Transfer application.

Internal Orders Management

Order types that can be automated using the HR Documents Management Module:

  • Order for duty assignments;
  • Order for granting vacations to employees;
  • Order for termination of an employment contract;
  • Order for hiring of an employee;
  • Order to change employee's personal data;
  • Order to recall an employee from vacation;
  • Order for establishing full collective (brigade) material liability.

When creating a personnel order, first, it should be agreed upon, then sent to the employer for signing, after which it should be distributed to employees to be read.

Familiarization with the document must be confirmed by the employees with a special decision, directly in the ECM. Then, the document is signed with a qualified electronic signature and the fact of signing is recorded in the form of a stamp in the printed form.

Requests Automation

Any employee can quickly create and approve vacation requests or submit a request to postpone a vacation from the system. Employees also can submit other applications on their own:

  • Application for choosing the method of payment for the FSS benefits;
  • Application regarding the change of personal data;
  • Application for overtime work;
  • Certificate of employment.

The processes of Approval, Signing, and Familiarization take place within a single “Approval” stage, but in different corresponding substages. Signature and familiarization stamps are placed directly into the printed form. As soon as the last employee familiarizes himself with the document and signs it with an ES, the approval card is transferred to the “Operational Storage” stage and the document is automatically assigned with a registration number.

HR Documents Management Module supports both working with paper carriers, storing all the necessary scanned originals, and working with the electronic signatures of the employees, eliminating the need to print and sign the documents on paper.

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