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IT Service Desk request management is an obligatory process for any large company. Any IT request goes through three stages:

  • Initiation of the request, providing all the necessary information;
  • Alignment of the request route (depending on the request type and contents);
  • Execution and control of the request.

The last task is usually implemented through special IT Service Desk systems. Nevertheless, the first two tasks remain relevant and can be solved within WSS Docs interface:

  • The initiator creates the request (its approval route is generated depending on its type);
  • The approval route can include the approval of the staff structure, by the bound attributes (for example, the owner of the IT system must approve the access request);
  • After the request is approved, the information is imported into the Service Desk and after the request is dealt with, its status returns to WSS Docs from the Service Desk.

The following modules can be added to WSS Docs:

  • Dependent applications system (for example, a request for a new employee generates requests for business cards, access to IT systems, PC, pass, etc.);
  • Integration of IT Service Desk functions directly in WSS Docs.

IT Service Desk application management system provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Increased speed of IT requests approval;
  • Increase transparency as IT resources are granted only after the full agreement of the request route;
  • Improved performance discipline of the coordinators, due to the automated control of the terms of approval.

WSS Docs System allows automating IT Service Desk requests of any complexity. In addition, this module can be customized in accordance with specific needs of the client.

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