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Work With The Documents From Mobile Devices

Mobile application provides access to the WSS Docs ECM Platform from smartphones and tablets. Mobile client is designed to allow quick viewing of corporate documents and making decisions on them.

Functionality of the application reproduces the capabilities of the web‑version of the WSS Docs System to the fullest extent, and allows users to perform all basic operations with documents and orders:

  • View files and previews;
  • Browse document cards;
  • Make decisions on the documents (approvals, reviews, distribution, etc.);
  • View decision history;
  • Assign orders to employees, and see the existing orders;
  • Search documents by type, field values and date;
  • View reports (review sheets and approval sheets).

WSS Docs Mobile App, with the help of cryptographic protection tool "KryptoPro CSP for iOS", supports several types of electronic signatures:

  • Electronic signature for solutions;
  • Electronic signature for document fields content;
  • Electronic signature for document files.

Access to the application is provided by facial recognition and fingerprint scanner.

All application data is stored in the encrypted form. Using the AppCenter Administration Panel, you can perform centralized management of the mobile application: view user activity logs, delimit access rights to the application, and block devices.

Operating systems supported by the mobile application: Android and iOS.

Offline mode allows you to use the mobile client without internet connection.

Alerts about important events are sent to users as push notifications.

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