Office Workflow Automation
Based on WSS Docs
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Office workflow automation is one of the most common tasks in the field of enterprise content management. Office workflow refers to the work with incoming and outgoing documents as well as internal administrative and instructive documents (orders, executive memorandums instructions, etc.).

The basic version of WSS-Docs already includes all the necessary presets for office workflow automation:

  • Registration, imposition of resolution, and execution of incoming documents;
  • Preparation, coordination, registration, and dispatch of outgoing documents;
  • Preparation, coordination, imposition of resolution, and execution of service notes;
  • Preparation, coordination, registration, dispatch and execution of orders and instructions;
  • Preparation, coordination, registration, dispatch and execution of meeting minutes;
  • The confirmation of contracts, and additional agreements. Control over the execution of contracts;
  • The statement, execution, and confirmation of instructions. The hierarchical structure of orders (the ability to create subsidiary orders; monitor the status of their execution). Creation of instructions within the framework of the document;
  • Normative documents, approval and archive of reference data;
  • Documents with free routing (the user determines the composition of the negotiation and the type of agreement, and the mailing addresse(s)).

Office workflow automation provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Improved performance discipline: the time of execution of the orders and documents is significantly reduced, as well as the number of non-executed documents;
  • Reducing the risk of signing unauthorized (or not correctly prepared) documents;
  • Decreasing the management document review and resolution period by up to two times;
  • Decreasing contract approval periods by two to three times;
  • Decreasing the search time by five to ten times.

The basic version of WSS-Docs System includes all of these features, so it satisfies the requirements of 90% of companies. In addition, this module can be customised in accordance with specific needs of the client.

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