Procurement Automation
Based on WSS Docs
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Automation of the procurement process is an urgent task for any company. The WSS Docs system provides the possibility to automate the entire procurement process (all tasks or part of them can be solved):

  • Procurement plan drafting;
  • Drafting and approval of procurement requests;
  • Attachment of suppliers' proposals to the procurement requests;
  • Drafting and approving of tender committee minutes and recording of winning suppliers;
  • Drafting and approving of supply contracts;
  • Drafting and approving of supplier payment requests.

The following additional tasks can be solved as well:

  • Procurement budget control, and automatic display of budget limits;
  • Separate processes for negotiating the terms of delivery, and the process of supplier approval and verification;
  • Integration with external electronic trading platforms.

Automation of the procurement process provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Reducing the company's expenses by choosing the most profitable offers;
  • Guaranteed compliance with procurement requirements and regulations;
  • Reduced tenders timing;
  • Less time of the employees is needed for procurement activities.

The WSS Docs system provides the possibility for automation of the procurement processes and it may be customized in accordance with specific needs of the client. More than that, it can be integrated with financial and other IT systems!

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