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Large Volumes of Data Management

WSS Docs Storage is a specialized solution for storing and processing file archives of hundreds of terabytes, fully compatible with the WSS Docs Platform. This solution is a separate standalone module compatible with other EDM, ECM and ERP systems.

The Task That WSS Docs Storage Solves

In systems with a large amount of content load, storing files in a database significantly increases its size. It is technically difficult or in some cases even impossible to reduce the size of the database, or to distribute the database processing between several servers. This leads to slowdowns when working with files, and can create difficulties in SLA fulfillment in terms of RTO and RPO indicators.

WSS Docs Storage solves these problems and meets the following business requirements:

  • Increase of the document storage period;
  • Control over the total number of stored files and their size;
  • High speed of access to the documents;
  • Reliability and security of document storage;
  • Document availability — no system downtime;
  • Impossibility to substitute documents or their placement dates.

WSS Docs Storage Functionality

  • From a technical point of view, WSS Docs Storage is a separate stand-alone module of the WSS Docs System. It is also compatible with other EDM, ECM and ERP systems;
  • Allows to store more than 5000TB of documents;
  • Fault-tolerance of the storage is implemented through the creation of mirror servers;
  • Distributed file storage option could be provided. In that case remote enterprise users will access local WSS Docs Storage only when reading or writing files, reducing the total network load and file processing time. Also, distributed storage physically separates data storage at the enterprises within the holding;
  • End-to-end encryption protects data from unauthorized access;
  • Storage supports versioning of stored files;
  • In Storage, you can limit file uploads by size and extension.


Installation of WSS Docs Storage does not affect the users of the system. Even if the current content database of files occupies several terabytes — moving files from the database to the Storage occurs in the background, according to the pre‑configured logic.

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