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Enterprise portal is a system, which provides access to the company's information network. Such systems appeared relatively recently. Not long ago, corporate portals were more likely to function as an internal website of the organization, where one could find news for employees, forums, document databases and other information for internal use.

However, the world moves forward and the corporate portals today offer much more possibilities, than a few years ago. Today such systems provide great possibilities for effective socialisation and integration with the CRM / ERP systems of the company, so it became possible to create an intranet network within the organisation. This approach allows us to concentrate the entire information infrastructure of the company in a single intranet portal, which looks and works like a miniature social network, personalized for each employee of the company.

Intranet portal plays an important role in the life of the organization
The key benefits of enterprise portals are:

  • Increased efficiency of employees, due to simplified access to reliable information and data sources in the network;
  • Increased communication efficiency at different levels of interaction: "Company - Employee", "Employee - Employee" , "Department / Working Group - Employee", "Department - Department";
  • An electronic archieve (knowledge base) of the company, which provides access to all important documents;
  • Automatization of business processes of the company and integration of disparate applications into a single enterprise intranet;
  • Money saving due to centralizing and unifying the employees' access to the enterprise's information services and simplifying maintenance and upgrades;
  • Creation of a unified platform for further development of IT services and automation of business processes of the company;
  • Increased performance when using systems of collaborative document editing;
  • Simplified employees' access to the intranet network data;
  • The possibility to change business schemes of interaction both vertically and horizontally;
  • The possibility to update important documents instantly, providing access to them to selected groups of users, if necessary. This possibility is often used when conducting workshops within the company.

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WSS Docs and WSS Portal Implementation
Implementation of WSS Docs and WSS Portal systems for workflow automation & management.
WSS Docs and WSS Portal Implementation
Implementation of WSS Docs and WSS Portal systems

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