Safe Workplace Reservation Service
Based on WSS Portal
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Workplace Management

Service is designed for large office premises and co-working centers in order to comply with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor during the period of COVID‑19. Service allows employees to book workplaces in the office, keeping a safe distance.

  • Schedule of visits can be used to control the number of employees in the office;
  • Service allows to book workplaces only at a distance of 1.5 meters, which reduces the risk of mass infection;
  • In case one of the employees becomes infected, you can easily track the employee's contacts and promptly take action.

Workplace Booking Calendar

Office map, showing reserved and available seats

Service Functionality

  • Browse and book workplaces;
  • Select a booking date;
  • View all available seats for the upcoming week
  • Display the information about the owner of the reservation;
  • Edit and cancel reservations;
  • Search reservations using filters;
  • Notifications about any actions related to the reservation.

Solution is relevant for co-working spaces, medium and large organizations.

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