Enterprise Content Management: Why and When Do You Need ECM for your Business?

A portal is an information-oriented business web-application, which can be used by employees of the enterprise to exchange and receive necessary information, actively participate in the life of the company, and express their ideas about the campaign development.

What are the main benefits of the intranet corporate portal?

Intranet portal provides the possibility for active communication between employees of the company allowing them to establish effective cooperation, and helps to obtain the necessary information quickly and efficiently, ensures the strengthening of corporate culture, allows any employee to actively participate in the life of the company, and increases the motivation of employees.

Intranet makes it possible to receive feedback from employees, as it is valuable to management. By conducting polls, discussing the company's activities, simply reading the forums and analyzing what problems employees are facing, it becomes easier to receive information about the current state of the company and to manage it.

Intranet portal allows you to save time when searching for necessary information. For example, a novice employee quickly dives in the working process when all the necessary learning materials are available on the portal, or browses the forum and asks questions there instead of searching for a colleague, who can give him the necessary information.

Pros of the Intranet Portal

  • The portal is a zone for formal and informal communication of employees. It develops a sense of community for every employee, enhances his life and additionally motivates him.
  • The portal is an information resource of the company and allows the company's employees to save time necessary to find the right information. The information is structured and presented in the form of thematic libraries.
  • Informal communication - strengthening of internal communications between employees, strengthening of corporate culture.
  • It provides the possibility for active participation in the life of the company to every employee as they can be aware of the events occurring in the company, express their thoughts on the processes, that are occurring in the company, and it all greatly contributes to the motivation of employees.
  • The portal offers feedback mechanics, as it is very valuable for management.
  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently find the necessary information, placed in subject libraries, structured by departments and activities, getting information about work on other sites in the area of interest. The use of resources significantly saves the time spent by an employee on searching, compared to using a conventional network.
  • Working with documents is organized in convenient and efficient way.
  • Within the portal, it is possible to create a personal account for each employee. Using this account the employee can receive and send documents and communicate with other employees.
  • Ensures teamwork of employees

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