AEON Corporation is a unique combination of the private direct investment fund and the management company specialized in crisis management of large industrial assets. Our corporation invests in enterprises requiring management restructuring or additional fund-raising for business expansion.

In other words, we buy stakes and shares in distressed companies to develop them: to master new technologies and products and ultimately to make them profitable. It gives companies an opportunity to come out of a recession and open prospects of sustainable development.

In the long-term only profitable production may develop and have a long-term planning horizon.

We complete practical production and organizational tasks, restore severed connections and create new ones. This is how we find those to whom we can be helpful. Opportunities are waiting for being discovered.

Unconventional decisions make it possible to convert problems into advantages — and our experience in management of many enterprises confirms this fact. It is very important not to make mistakes at the decision-making stage. It is no less important to find proper people for solution of these tasks.

A guiding organizational principle of our company is working under individual projects with account of special conditions of the sector, output goods and services.

We assign profitable, promising production directions and identify core competencies of an enterprise. Have profit earners been lost? We’ll create new ones! The world is changing, and we are changing with it. We are open to new ideas, innovative solutions and new technologies. Our work is to create, search and develop new territories. We need that. Our partners need that.

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