WSS Portal

WSS Portal is a turnkey solution with a set of tools for collaborating employees on tasks and projects. The portal includes modules and sections with the most requested functionality: telephone directory, company structure, news, personal account, applications, document library and others.

Our company provides intranet services since 2010 and we know how to create effective and well-organized intranet websites.

Intranet is an internal site of the company which provides access to useful corporate information. Intranet portal facilitates teamwork, improves the quality of management, and provides a number of other unique features. The implementation of the corporate intranet portal improves the effectiveness of the company's employees and increases the income due to the optimisation of various business processes. Intranet website is a social network, which is made to help you to reach your business goals.

Installing the WSS Portal solution does not require the purchase of additional paid software. As a DBMS, PostgeSQL is used, and as an OS, it is possible to use: Ubuntu, Debian, Astra Linux.

At the same time, the WSS Portal solution is also compatible with the SharePoint Foundation 13, SharePoint Server 16/19 platform.

As part of the project, we implement the portal, develop a unique design that matches the company's brand book, and set up integration with various corporate systems of the customer. The functionality of the portal can be adapted to the individual tasks of the company.


  • Rich functionality available immediately after installation
  • Easily extensible
  • You can see the portal before buying it
  • Short implementation period
  • Based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 platform
  • High performance and scalability: WSS Portal is used in organizations with a large number of users exceeding 10,000
  • Effective use of funds
  • Custom design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable solution: more than 80 clients all over CIS Countries


  • 128 hours of portal configuration services allows to make the implementation more effective;
  • Improved performance when processing large volumes of data;
  • 12 months warranty;
  • Unified repository allows storing a lot of documents, catalog them and search through them;
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory simplifies maintaining the list of employees and employee data;
  • Configuring the server will improve the resiliency and performance of the portal.
  • Company Unit
  • Request System Unit
  • Project Office Unit
  • Department Hubs Unit
  • Media Unit
  • Search System
  • Portal Administration
  • Support of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 capabilities
  • Special modules for major companies
  • Services of system installation;
  • Adaptation of the structure of the portal for the needs of the customer (128 man-hours);
  • Design customization;
  • 12 months warranty support;
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Server farm configuration.
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WSS Docs and WSS Portal Implementation
Implementation of WSS Docs and WSS Portal systems

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