Archive of Design Estimates
Based on WSS Docs
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WSS Docs System provides the opportunity to automate the processes of preparation and storage of design estimates. This solution is designed for construction and engineering companies.

The system includes all WSS Docs functions, additional types of documents (Projects, Packages, EDD, Budget, etc. - more than 15 types), and is integrated with Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Server.

Archive of design estimates allows organizing a single electronic repository for relevant project documentation with the functions of document management for all objects, structures and communications. Integration with Microsoft Project Server System provides the possibility to link project management and management of design estimates documentation.

Archive of design estimates allows automating the preparation, approval and release of the following document types:

  • Projects
  • Objects
  • Contracts
  • Calendar Schedules
  • Investment Programs
  • Cost Items
  • External ToRs
  • Internal ToRs
  • Packages
  • Design and architect-engineering documentation
  • Work Completion Notices
  • Budgets
  • Change Permits
  • Outgoing Waybills
  • Incoming Waybills

Automation of the processes of preparation and storage of design estimates provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Automating the entire process of drafting, approval and stocking of all project budget documents;
  • Increasing transparency of designers' operations and automating the entire work cycle;
  • Decreasing the time, required for documents search.

The module of automation of the processes of preparation and storage of design estimates can be customized in accordance with specific needs of the client.

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