Automation of Archival Storage
Based on WSS Docs
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Many companies (retailers, banks, insurance companies, etc.) have large volumes of paper documents that must be stored in archives. Such documents can be submitted to specialized archives or stored by the company itself. In such case, we are ready to offer the module for automation of archival storage using data collection terminals and the WSS Docs system:

  • Identification of the physical storage structure, indication of its capacity and connections;
  • Automated process of placing documents into boxes/crates using barcodes and placement registrations;
  • Placement of boxes/pallets within archive storage units using PDCT (portable data collection terminal);
  • Automated process of moving documents/boxes within the archive or between the company's archives using PDCT;
  • Automated document removal requests, as well as automated document return function, using PDCT;
  • Inventory, requests and processes for document liquidation;
  • Interfaces for document search within the archive, creation of statements and reports.

Automation of archival storage provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Decreasing duration of document search within the archive and the time needed for temporary removal of the document by up to ten times;
  • Money saving, when transferring company’s archives from a third-party company.

We can automate archive documents storage using WSS Docs and the special-purpose application for PDCT’s to simplify archive employees' work.

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