Electronic Archive of Primary Documents
Based on WSS Docs
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Implementation of an electronic archieve of primary documents is a crucial task for any average or major company. Such system should be able to perform the following functions:

  • Printing of barcodes for incoming documents and applying barcodes to outgoing documents;
  • Stream scanning of document packages;
  • Semi-automatic recognition of document attributes and creation of electronic document packages in WSS Docs;
  • Preliminary check of the document packages of employees of the scanning station;
  • Approval or refusal of document packages, request for clarifications or corrections;
  • Creation of a structured electronic archive of primary documents;
  • Document search, formation of registry scan uploads, integration with accounting or ERP systems in order to display the document scans in the accounting system.

The following functions can be added to WSS Docs:

  • Integration with ERP for uploading of ERP accounting documents, and automatic creation of necessary transactions;
  • Recognition of standard forms (waybills, invoices, etc.) while scanning, without the need for manual requisites editing.

Implementation of the electronic archieve of primary documents provides the following benefits for your business:

  • Decreased time of receiving of documents or their scanned copies by 5 to 20 times;
  • Decreased risks of accepting of invalid documents into accounting (incomplete invoices, incomplete document packages, etc.) through process automation;
  • Shifting workload to less skilled employees (scan and indexing station operators).

Module of electronic archieve of primary documents can be customized in accordance with specific needs of the client.

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