Enterprise Content Management
Based on WSS Docs
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Implementation of an enterprise content management system is the best way to improve the performance of the company's employees. That is why the right choice of the ECMS is so important.

In 2009, WSS‑Solutions Company has identified a new vector of development of enterprise content management systems, by creating the WSS Docs ECMS, which has brought the document processing to the new level of efficiency.

Microsoft SharePoint Platform became the basis of the WSS Docs ECMS. By emphasising the strengths of the platform, and rejecting its low-performance components, together with the full-fledged electronic document turnover engine, the specialists of WSS‑Solutions have created a powerful and flexible product, capable of processing hundreds and thousands of documents daily.

Functional completeness and a wide range of customization capabilities provide the possibility for implementation of the system within the shortest deadlines!

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