Services and Integration
Based on WSS Portal
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WSS Portal provides the possibility for flexible integration with existing information system of the enterprise, and processing and displaying of data, obtained from these systems. The following documents are available for company's employees within the portal: requests, sick leaves, contact details of colleagues etc.

Request Processing

Responsible employees process all requests sequentially. New requests can be created without programming.

Cost Cutting

With the help of WSS Portal system, your company can significantly decrease the charges and the duration of different operations as there is no need to contact third-party systems when all necessary data is available within the portal.

Increased Productivity of Business Processes

The efficiency of business processes increases due to a single-point request processing, user-friendly system of performance tracking and convenient push notification system.

Integration with Active Directory and HR Systems

Integration with Active Directory and HR Systems provides the possibility to share, and automatically update information about the employees and company's structure. Integration with other systems, like CRM, LMS, etc. is also available.

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